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entry deadline: 1 august 2024

all films submitted for entry must have been completed and delivered to the commissioner or client between
1 august 2023 and 31 july 2024.

all entries must be submitted, and videos uploaded, by midnight on 1 august 2024.

there is no limit to the number of videos and films you can enter, nor the number of categories you can enter them in.

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enter technical & craft categories

enter individual & company categories

please note that you can only enter a video into one of the genre categories (pop, r&b/soul, dance/electronic, rock, alternative and hip hop/rap/grime), and you must select a sub-category: uk means for a uk artist or uk-based artist, international means for a non-uk artist and newcomer means a video made for under £15,000 (or equivalent) by a less-established director. some genres are combined for newcomer director categories.

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there is an entry fee of £95 (+ vat where applicable) per single video, film, individual or company per category. we are not able to offer discounts for multiple entries.

for awards for individuals or companies, you will be asked to upload multiple videos to show a body of work. all videos uploaded must have been completed during the qualifying period - 1 august 2023 to 31 july 2024.

in the case of directors, we will accept entries for teams as well as individuals.

for a full list of categories, their definitions and criteria, we've compiled a handy downloadable PDF.

once you have selected your categories and completed the information form, you will be directed to global payments (realex) to make payment where you can pay by credit card.

you will be sent instructions about how to upload your videos in a confirmation email after you have made payment for your entries. please look out for this email and check your video once it has been uploaded. you will be able to select the still frame which will be visible to the judges.

if you have any questions about your entry, contact us.

full terms & conditions are available here.

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